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Welcome to Les Pieds sur Terre !

Your peaceful refuge in the heart of nature. Created by Stanislas Balzotti and Kedarnathan Subramanian, Hébergement Les Pieds sur Terre was established in 2012 in St-Calixte to enjoy a vast, tranquil forest. With their 34 acres of forest, they realized they had more than they needed and decided to share this unique experience by creating various types of accommodations for immersive forest stays.



We aim to provide an unforgettable experience combining comfort, relaxation, and sustainability by promoting ecological practices and a deep appreciation of nature.

Our Accommodations

Our unique and eco-friendly accommodations, each equipped with a jacuzzi, offer a blend of comfort and rusticity to help you disconnect from your daily routine. Each cabin is located at a minimum of 150 feet from each other, ensuring that you neither see nor hear your neighbors, thus offering true privacy and solitude.

Unique Experience

Enjoy a rare and precious experience where you can immerse yourself in nature without seeing or feeling your neighbors, offering true relaxation and reconnection with nature.

Our journey

Before creating Hébergement Les Pieds sur Terre, Stanislas and Kedarnathan worked in the field of alternative medicine and mental health in Montreal. Starting with a teepee in 2016, they self-financed and built about one accommodation per year: the double bubble came second, followed by the Elven Nest, the Pleiades bubble, the Big Bear Bubble, the Hobbit House, the Orion Bubble, the conversion of the double bubble into the Phoenix Bubble, and then the Moonlight Bubble.

Pet Lovers

We are passionate about animals, and some of our felines are part of our four-legged workforce. We share the property with many cats who have access to our house through a cat door but often prefer to spend time with our guests. If you are lucky and depending on their mood, they might visit your accommodation, offering love and companionship. It goes without saying that pets are welcome on our site.

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