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The Phoenix bubble

2 persons

1 double bed

Electric heating


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Space for outdoor fire

Rustic bathroom

Dogs accepted


2 adults


Starting at $210 / night



  • Mini refrigerator

  • 1 double bed (bedding not included)

  • Reserve of drinking water (for cooking and showering)

  • Electric stove, microwave and small oven

  • Cooking utensils and dishes

  • Dish towels, cloths, and dish soap

  • Electric heater

  • Rustic indoor shower

  • Indoor composting toilet

  • Electric outlets in the bubble and the annex

  • Outdoor jacuzzi

  • Barbecue (propane included)

  • Outdoor fire pit (12$ + taxes / bag)

The Phoenix Bubble

(formerly Double Bubble)


Sleep under the stars with all the comfort of a chalet.

The first bubble developed on our site, like a phoenix, the double bubble was able to let go and accept a well-deserved period of rest before being reborn from its ashes!

It now offers you a rigid transparent structure larger than before to sleep under the stars and enjoy nature sheltered from bad weather.

The bubble is a magical place. It's a new and different way to enjoy nature, relax and revitalize. Admire the Milky Way at night and fall asleep counting the stars.


To give you the full autonomy of a chalet, the bubble is directly connected to a cabin in which you will find an indoor kitchenette and a small bathroom with shower and rustic toilet.

The bubble is installed in the forest at the edge of a small stream. It also has its own private outdoor jacuzzi.

As soon as the light goes out, the magic happens... The night you are about to experience will help consolidate your bonds, whether romantic, family or friendly. Plan an unusual romantic getaway that will leave you with unforgettable memories.


The bubble was specially designed for couples.

Privacy: All our accommodations are located a minimum of 150 meters from each other. The double bubble is the one closest to the parking lot and the main trail.

4-season Jacuzzi: La Bulle Phoenix has its own outdoor spa (jacuzzi) operating in summer and winter.

In the heart of nature: All our accommodation is located in the woods, surrounded by trees and accessible only by a walking path.

Open even in winter! For maximum comfort, the bubble is heated in winter and its temperature is very comfortable. In very cold weather (-25/-30°C), the night can be a little cool in the bubble.


That's why we've also equipped it with heated mattress covers to ensure you have a warm night's sleep.

How is this bubble different from the others?

  • Rigid bubble: Compared to the Pleiades bubble and the Big Dipper bubble which are flexible TPU bubbles held by blown air, the Phoenix bubble is made of a rigid polycarbonate bubble 15 feet in diameter.

  • Unique Design: In this aspect, the Phoenix Bubble is similar to the Orion Bubble. In terms of services, dimensions and jacuzzi, it is similar to the Pleiades bubble and the Orion bubble. However, the design remains unique and different, like each of our accommodations. It is also closer to the parking lot, making it easier to access and transport luggage.

Let the photos help you complete your choice!


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