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Thank you for booking with us! We are delighted to welcome you.

Welcome to Hébergement Les Pieds sur Terre!

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You will soon receive a text message with your reservation details. This message will also contain a link where you can view your reservation information and make any necessary changes. Below you will find some of the most important information to ensure you have a pleasant stay.

If you need to change your reservation or have any questions, you can contact us by responding to the text message you will receive from (450) 499-7910. If you don't receive the text message, it may be because you provided a landline number or there is a typo. In this case, you can send us an SMS to this same number, and we will link this message to your reservation.

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Important Information to Help You Prepare for Your Stay

Check-in and Check-out:

  • Check-in time: 3:00 PM

  • Check-out time: 11:00 AM


  • Early check-in is usually not available to avoid putting too much pressure on our staff.

  • Late check-out is available at a cost of $30+tax. You can add it with this link: Late Check-out



  • We accept pets at a cost of $20 per night. Clients who have already booked can add their pet with this link: Add Pet

  • Pets must be kept on a leash on the site, their waste must be picked up, they should not be left alone in the accommodation, and any damage caused by pets is the owner’s responsibility.

Provided Equipment:

All Seasons:

  • Drinking water for the shower and kitchen

  • Dish soap and dish towels

  • Basic kitchen equipment: pots, pan, strainer, kettle, salad bowl, cutting board, knives, Bodum coffee maker

  • Dishes and utensils

  • Electric hot plates, propane oven, toaster oven

  • Heated mattress pads in winter

  • Propane barbecue

  • Mini refrigerator

  • Toilet paper

  • Designated area for an outdoor fire

  • Broom, vacuum, cloths, and cleaning products

Summer Only:

  • Picnic table

  • Outdoor mosquito net shelter


What You Need to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag or bedding, pillows, and pillowcases

  • Flashlight

  • Toiletries (towels, biodegradable soap, etc.)

  • Hiking shoes or rain boots suitable for the season

  • Swimsuits for the spa

  • Your food

  • Sandals (for accessing the jacuzzi without freezing your feet or wetting your boots in winter, and to limit the introduction of particles into the water)

  • Slippers (to keep your feet warm inside; the floor of the accommodation tends to stay cold in winter)

Parking and Luggage Transport:


  • The parking lot is located at the entrance of the site, just after the reception office. You can use one of the carts or sleds available at the trail entrance to help you transport your luggage.


  • For a return to simplicity, our adventure challenges you to travel light! Prefer backpacks over suitcases. If you have too much stuff, we provide carts (and sleds in winter) to help you transport your luggage (capacity of 5 cubic feet, equivalent to two medium-sized travel bags).

How to Get to Your Accommodation:

  • You will park near the reception and find sleds or carts to help you transport your luggage. You will then walk on a forest path for 200 to 700 meters, which will lead you to the heart of our forest to your accommodation.

Additional Information:

Open Year-Round:


Yes, we are open year-round; check our calendar for availability.


  • Each accommodation offers an outdoor fire area. Elf's Nest, Hobbit House, and Teepee have an indoor wood stove. If you wish to add a box of wood to your reservation at a cost of $12, you must place the order and make the payment online no later than the day before your visit so that we can deliver it to your site before your arrival: Add Firewood.



  • Provided in blue 10L jugs. It is potable and can be used for cooking and showering. Depending on your accommodation, you will have 30 or 40L of water on arrival.

  • Pleiades Bubble, Double Bubble, Orion Bubble: 30L

  • Great Bear Bubble, Hobbit House, Teepee, Elf's Nest: 40L


  • Generally, this is sufficient if used wisely. If you run out, contact our staff for more.

Additional Guests:


  • Our accommodations can host 2, 4, or 6 adults. The base price includes 2 adults. A fee of $20 is added for each additional adult. Use this link to add visitors to your reservation: Add Visitors.



  • We ask our guests to be quieter after 9 PM. At all times, we also ask our guests not to play music outside.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Any reservation is refundable, less a 10% administrative fee of the stay value, if the cancellation notice is received more than 30 days before the arrival date.

  • If the cancellation notice is received between 15 and 30 days before the arrival date, your refund will be 50% of the stay value.

  • If the cancellation notice is received less than 15 days before the arrival date, no refund will be given.

  • Date Changes: It is possible to postpone a stay up to 30 days before arrival without penalty. Less than 30 days before arrival, any change is considered a cancellation. Note that any rate difference applies.

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